Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  • Well, life is really challenging, you have to be dare making experiment in your life; As a Business Lawyer who, with the permit of ALLAH, is allowed to be self -employed operate a boutique  Law Firm now called  AgsS Law for more than 15 Years since 1st of June 1998, I have experienced that at a certain level in our life journey, we  must "Dare making  Experiment" in our Life journey. We have to identify and explore our weakness and inner strength within ourselves which had been planted by the Creator in our physical body as well as mental, spiritual element of our soul and mind, which needs for us to be explored, polished  and emerged to the surface in order for us to be able to maximize our potential skills and ability to pursue our goal in life;      
As a human being we are not a "Dead Robot" but a "Unique living creation"  created by ALLAH the ALL Mighty for a special purpose, mission and  and meaning during our stay in this World.

  • We have to practice our skills and talents that we have and avoid feelings afraid of making mistakes; Nobody is perfect in this world. We have to understand, who and what is  our unique function in our community and society; If we happen to be in the area or field which involved cash flow, we have to make certain that  we must not worship money in any form whatsoever; 

Money is just an instrument having a certain value to fulfill your needs, which we must just put it "only limited" in our hands and not in our Soul and Mind. Money is just an "object". Money is neutral. We must Really Control our Mind to "Control Money", where we have to  position our "Mind Set" not to worship" Money
  •  We are the "master" of our mind, soul and body. From my real and actual life experience particularly after more than 15 Years being self employed, with the understanding we do not have any amount of Fixed Income to depend upon, I am placed to be in a position of having no other Choice but to be smart, in managing our mental, patience, persistence, focus on our goal, which, for me the Spiritual element of Soul and Mind related to Qolbu as referred by the ALLAH in many verses under the Holy Book of Quran, including our eyes, ears and "Akal" ("Mind"),  Must be continuously linked to the Remembrance of  ALLAH or "DzikruLLAH" who Created such Qolbu, Eyes, Ears, Mind, Body, Soul during every position of our physical body which includes when you are sitting, standing or laying down;
As an Independent Self-employed  Business Lawyer,  we  have to rely on a "higher level of Moral of Honesty", where according to the Holly Quran, ALLAH as the Creator will keep ALLAH' s Promises, however with the Pre-Condition that we, as Human Being must follow ALLAH Guidance by performing ALLAH' s  order and avoid ALLAH's prohibition;         
  • By Daring Making Experimental Moves to be Self- Employed, during this 15 Years of Self-Employed  Life Journey, I have to develop "faith" that ALLAH is the Only One Mighty Owner of this Universe including the Earth and Skies that we are living, to enable me to Focus on my goals in this World to be taken into responsibility in the Akhirat ( Hereafter);  
Accordingly, the Source of Wealth which I have to depend on is only to ALLAH who had created this World that we are living, and establishing the believe system that any and all Wealth comes from ALLAH, since ALLAH  creates everything including our Qolbu, Eyes, Ears, Mind, Body, Soul.
  • The most significant part of everything, which is given by the Creator relating to ourself  is "our existence" as a human being,  where  we have t be really grateful and thankful  to the Creator who had created each and every of us  as "part" of this Huge Universe, and  can  experience all the ups and downs, the cry and laughter, the happiness  and sorrow, the failure and success, which is like a coin which always has 2 (two) sides, whatever the Nominal Value is. 
Well, that's all Folks for today's  Snapshot Writing in My Experimental Blog
during the 2nd end of our Fasting the Holy  Month of Ramadhan;
Jakarta , 6 August 2013
Agung S.Suleiman

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