Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Well Friends, Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahi  Wabarokatu,
It had been quite a while that I did not reach you by communicating through this Blog called AgungSS
Experimental Blog. Life Journey is really exiting particularly if you are doing your best effort to be close to ALLAH the Creator of this World by always remembering ALLAH as the Creator. 

ALLAH called it DzikruLLAH in the Holy Book AL Quran sent down by ALLAH through the Angel to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. (Peace be upon him).
 In real life there is always the ups and down materially, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. With the blessing of ALLAH we are still allowed to communicate each other through this Border-less media by making a Blog and sharing each others life experience journey. The most important thing in life is always remembering ALLAH as the Creator of this World who had designed and created  this World by giving and providing all the Raw Materials in this World to us Human Being so that we have to be always Thankful to ALLAH the AL Mighty. 
In order for us to be Independent in choosing the profession of our life,  we have to be dare making a positive experiment, however, it has to be based on the Principals of Ethics and norms of Life as been Guided by ALLAH in the Holy Books that was sent down by ALLAH to ALLAH's Messenger called RasuluLLAH (the Messenger of ALLAH),  where for us as Muslim Believers we have to base ourselves to the Holy Book of AL Quran as the Closing Holy Books which contained the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim  (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Isa, and many other Prophets named in the Holy Book of AL Quran with Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. as the closing of Prophets as mentioned by ALLAH in the Holy Book of AL Quran.
We can observe from our day to day life, we as human beings without holding  to the Guidance of this Holy Book of  AL Quran, sent down by ALLAH to ALLAH's Messenger, can be totally lost in the darkness and will tend to create our own rulings, which we  do  not realized that  Syaitan are always whispering Evil thoughts in our mind, and created destruction to the world that we are leaving. 

As Muslims (meaning surrendering/ submission ourselves to ALLAH) we have to have "Iman" or  " Faith"  to believe ALLAH  as the Creator of this Universe, where in the Holy Book of AL Quran, ALLAH  had informed us that  beside us, human being,  there are  also Angels, Jin and Syaitan which are created by ALLAH with other materials different from the materials that ALLAH had created us as Human Being.  
We human being are created by ALLAH from clay, whereas Syaitan are created from fire.   We cannot physically see, this Syaitan but ALLAH had reminded us in the Holy Book of AL Quran that Syaitan is our enemy and we have to request ALLAH's protection against the evil and wicked whispering from Syaitan in our day to day life.
We are all aware that "Faith" issue are frequently sensitive issues, however, without us searching the real meaning of faith as been guided by ALLAH through the Holy Books sent down by ALLAH, for sure we will be totally lost in  the darkness in  performing our life journey.  In the Holy Book of AL Quran, ALLAH had informed us that the Messenger's task is (are) to give reminder from ALLAH' s knowledge, and the element of getting hidayah of "Faith" or "Iman" to our Qolbu or Heart is the Prerogative Right of ALLAH as the Creator of this World that we are leaving. 
Based on the above principals, we as human being must only be afraid and worship only to ALLAH and nothing else but ALLAH as the Sole Creator of this World, Universe. If, us as human being, have reached the stage of really believing ALLAH, without any doubt in our Heart Qolbu and Mind, we will than  be not afraid of making experimental positive moves in our Life, by always and continuously asking the Guidance from ALLAH to show us the Right Past which in the Holy Book is named by ALLAH as "Sirat AL  Mustaqim".
ALHAMDULILLAH (meaning praise to ALLAH)  that the Writer of this Blog with the permit of ALLAH,  had made  a  Life Experimental Experience by starting to be Self-Employed when he was given the age of 46 going to 47 age by ALLAH, which was around 1st June 1998. Thanks to ALLAH, with the help of ALLAH the writer of this Blog in this Year of 2017 has managed  to survive,  of course and also with the support from  the writer's family, wife, children  and all the supporting colleges including the readers of this Blog in sharing the life experience for this past 18 Years.

Each and all of us experienced combination of life journey experiences  starting when each of us  was Created by ALLAH, in the Soul Area, and than being, planted in our Mother's Womb through the marriage of our Father and Mother, born as a baby  and following all the life stages of environment, education etc until with the permit of ALLAH we has reached a certain age of life.  Each and every human being has their own exiting experience stories of their  respective lives, which are all unique on their own way. The ups and down, the fall and rise of every stage of our life is actually an important significant asset granted by ALLAH as the Creator to us. 
Thus it really depends ourselves how to measure the quality,quantity of life that we have gone through, but for certain, we have to be always  aware that there is always ALLAH as the Creator of us who will will always be waiting  for us to Worship and Witness the Greatness of ALLAH in designing, creating this temporary World, where we as human being are all also created temporarily  in leaving in this temporary World,   as the Place to test us,  which of us are more Thankful to ALLAH by Worshiping ALLAH only and making all the Good Deeds,  as guided and recited in the Holy Book of Al Quran, where we as Muslims must have Faith and Iman to ALLAH, ALLAH's Prophets, ALLAH's Holy Books, The Day Hereafter.

Jakarta, 6 April 2017
Agung Supomo Suleiman 

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