Saturday, February 19, 2011

You are what you think

Is this statement correct. I think so. If you feel that you are a writer you shall than act like a writer. Well, I am a freedom writer in the sense that I like to write and make experimental moves in the journey of my life. But I am just an amateur who likes and joy expressing my feeling and thoughts through this blog that you are reading. 

I am an Indonesian common guy who likes to express ideas and break through thoughts to overcome headaches which frequently pop up in my mind. Sometimes you need to seek a solution how to make your live becomes enjoyable.  When I feel stuck in my mind I try to write something in my Blog. Well, at least it works for me. So I just follow my instinct and start writing in this Blog.   

So here I am writing in front of you readers and expressing my thoughts and ideas whatever that might be. Well since it is already Magrib I must say my prayers

Jakarta 19 February 2011

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