Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Yes, we really have to identify and know ourselves,   who and what is our passion in this life. We must not avoid or try to seek reasons, which are against our hearts nor our wants, desires and passions.  One of the tips to get the closest honest answer,  is by listening to our child and wife as one of  the significant reliable source of information,  who exactly knows who we are and what we would like to pursue in our life, knows our weakness and strength, since they are part of our history in our life journey. 

As a family we have to support each other and work as a teamwork. We have to broaden our minds and way of thinking; We have to keep maintaining our contacts and make new contacts and friends through  our positive networks and connection. Don't make enemies but establish new friends  through our positive connections; Respect and honor other cultures, traditions, cultures and way of life. Just follow your hearts and instincts;           

Be yourself, and be honest to yourself; Try to listen and really listen to other person life experiences, and  do not be selfish,  but we  have to do our best to really understand other person thoughts and ideas regardless of their age, gender, geographic, ethnics, belief system nor level of education. We have to broaden our horizon and avoid judging nor jumping to conclusions of other kinds of way of life.  

We can learn a lot from others to enrich our  inner soul. Life is to short, to grumble,  so do not stop learning to other people's feelings, wants, desires, dreams, passion and life experiences to enrich and broaden our mindset; 

Jakarta December 5, 2012
Agung S.Suleiman

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