Saturday, January 29, 2011

Experimental Moves

You have to dare make positive changes in live.There are sacrifices that you have to make. Nothing is free in this world. You have to work hard to strive your dreams. If you feel that you are tired you must seek for a Break Through. You have to jump out of your box. Create new ideas and new ventures. But you also need to be consistent and persistent with what you are pursuing.   Do not be afraid of making mistakes nobody is perfect in this world. You must start by      being honest to yourself. Regardless of your age, you must always establish some kind of hobby besides your work. For me I like writing in my Blog including this AGUNGSS Experimental Blog. This blog was suspended but I re-register it and it is back alive now. I deliberately name this blog Experimental because I like to make experimental moves in my life. 

I am really happy that this AGUNGSS Experimental blog becomes alive again. I can write and express my feelings and thoughts through this blog of mine. My day today work as Business Corporate Lawyer is Drafting and reviewing Agreements. There are instances where you have to respect your counter parts in Business since we cannot live alone in this world. We have to maintain and build synergy with our friends and partners in this Business Community.

Nobody is perfect in this world. You have to make good contacts with your new friends and old friends, You must establish links and networks in this world that we are living. We are not superman. We need others to stay alive. This is the real essence of live.  We have to respect others work and performance.   We have to built trust and team work in our Business Community. 

Be honest to your community. Viva Life 
29 Jan 2011
Agung S.Suleiman


Yes, I was a rather astonished and surprise My AGUNGSS Experimental Blog is coming back alive after these years of suspended. But the contents have to be started from square one. No Problem since I feel being alive again with this Blog of mine.

I like to make challenging experiences in my life. One of the  latest challenging experience that I made recently was when I was seconded  in the Holding Company of this Oil Company under a Retainer Legal Arrangement Basis,  where I am free to continue on running and operating my Independent Business Lawyer,  and  the Directors of this Holding  Company  agree upon my arrangement.

I told them that formerly, before I becomes self employed  in June 1998,   I was working as the Legal Counsel at PT Freeport Indonesia for 5 Years, where one of the previous Lawyer who became the Executive in PT Freeport  Indonesia namely Ali Boediarjo (who had passed away)  was also at the same time having a Law Firm  by  the name  of ABNR.  I was inspired by Ali Boediardjo to also be seconded in an oil company by the Holding Company under a Retainer Legal Arrangement, and at the same time I can still run and operate my  AgsS. I really thank God. 

Based on this experimental moves, I was than seconded by my Firm SACO LAW FIRM in this holding company of an oil Company operating in Indonesia, where besides assisting this Client,  I am  also assisting  and is associated with  PT JME in their business activities which is in the Oil and Gas Sectors and in the Coal Mining Sector in Indonesia and in the Energy business activities.   

So here I am and thanks to ALLAH  AgsS Law  was retained under  Retainer Arrangement with this holding company. Well, life is full of surprises, and if you believe in life that there is the Creator who is always constantly watching you, you do not have to be afraid in venturing with your life. Of course life is not that easy there is always the ups and down. But you have to be smart and always put your trust to the Creator of this live because ALLAH is always watching you from a distance.

Well, occasionally as a Business Corporate Lawyer I like to write Business Legal Articles in my AGUNGSS BUSINESS LAWYER NOTE blog 

Agung S.Suleiman
Jakarta 29 January 2011  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wah bisa buat Blog Experimental lagi nih

Yah kini aku bisa membuat Blog experimental lagi. yah iseng2 aja nih ye